In Nepal

By bus:

From all major cities, buses to Mahendranagar or Dhangadi will drop you in Ambassa. It is 13 km to the entrance park. Few local buses are going to Thakurdwara. We can pick you up in Ambassa if you call beforehand. From Kathmandu, every day, one deluxe bus from Metro company makes its final stop in Thakurdwara. We will come and meet you there.

By plane:

From Kathmandu to Nepalgung it is a 45mn flight. Our resort is 2 hours 30 by road from the airport. We can pick you up.


Coming from India

From Mahendranagar:

Every hour, a bus goes to Ambassa. It is a 3 hours minimum ride. From Ambassa in the afternoon, some buses head to the village of Thakurdwara. We will come and pick you up.

From Lucknow:

It is best to take a share taxi early in the morning to arrive around noon at the border. From there, you could either take a local bus that should arrive in the early evening in Thakurdwara, or we can arrange a pick up.