Tharu Culture

Beside the Jungle, Tharu, Dangaha Tharu

Welcome to the Terai, homeland of the Tharu.

Today, the Terai is the primary home of the Tharu, a large group of various languages, diverse cultures and clothing. Bardia houses mainly the Dangaha Tharu and the Dessauri Tharu among other Tharu groups. They represent around 70% of the population. The Tharu lives within the wildlife, picking up wood and cutting grass in the jungle for their everyday life. Night time can be a treacherous time as the wild animals frequently walk into their fields, destroying houses and eating crops. Every home and some villages house a sanctuary where a guruwa (“shaman”) can make his office. Anjali’s Dolphins Resort offers the opportunity to discover the Tharu culture.


After harvesting the rice, they separate the grain from the chaff


The Dhallab, traditional oxcart


The Puja room


The kitchen


Returning from the jungle with the fodder and the wood for cooking