I’m looking for someone having a good English to teach this language in a governmental school in Nepal.


It’s a small school in a small and quite isolated village where there isn’t any English teacher. I taught English for a few months in this village. English is important for the children there, as it will allow them to find some work later, either for catering for the tourists or abroad. It’s all right if you haven’t got any previous experience in teaching. I will help you by giving you an easy and appropriate teaching method. Despite not having any experience myself before teaching there, everything went well then, and plus, the children were great with me.

You will be the only foreigner in the village. You will live there with a host family. You will give them personally the equivalent of 150 euros in rupees (as per month stay) for your food and accommodation.

I ask of you a commitment of a minimum of 3 weeks to the teaching.

I live 7km away from the village, not so far, and should any problems occur, you could count on me. At the weekend, feel free to come and see me, if you feel a bit too isolated, and maybe you’ll also meet other foreigners… It also has to be said that the village is surrounded by a jungle where rhinos, elephants and tigers like to frolic.


The teachers

The teachers

This volunteering must be completely free lance and is made with the agreement of the school principal and teachers.